Young Carers

Young carers are children and young people under the age of 18 who provide regular and ongoing care and emotional support to a family member who is physically or mentally ill, has a disability or misuses alcohol or substances.  This does not mean everyday/occasional help around the home.

The 2011 census identified 166,000 young carers in England and Wales between the ages of 5 – 18 years: which amounts to an estimated 7,000 young carers in North Tyneside. However new research by BBC News and the University of Nottingham in 2018 suggests the number could be much higher – possibly up to 800,000 children in England alone.

This amounts to one in five children undertaking caring responsibilities

Why it matters?

The impact of caring on children and young people is wide ranging and can include:

Feeling lonely (missing out on friendships, feeling isolated and reluctant to tell anyone about their home circumstances).

Feeling excluded (difficulty getting to school on time, struggling to get involved in activities).

Feeling overwhelmed (tired, worried, high levels of responsibility with little support).

Struggling with school/college work, difficult to concentrate to do homework, non-attendance, unable to think about future employment or education.

Every family is different, but it is important that caring doesn’t stop young people from getting on with their lives or affect their health.

The NTSCP produced a short briefing note about Young Carers which can be found here.

Further information about the support available for young carers in North Tyneside can be found below.  We have taken this information from the North Tyneside Carers Centre (NTCC) website.

The NTCC offers a variety of support to young carers, including:

  • Practical and emotional support to young carers and their families around their role as a carer
  • A much needed break and the opportunity to relax with their friends
  • Opportunities to work on social action projects that can bring about positive change in both their own lives and the lives of others.

A team of Family Support Workers work with young carers and their families to provide practical and emotional support.

The centre also offers a Breaks and Activities Worker and a team of Sessional Workers that help young carers to take a break from caring, explore new activities and make friends with other young people who are in a carer role.

The Social Action team offer young carers the opportunity to share their views and influence change for young carers. These projects are designed by young carers themselves.

Follow  NTCC on twitter at for up-to-date information on projects.

If you are a young carer or a family member in need of support, please contact the Young Carers’ Project team who will talk to you about your situation on (0191) 249 6480.

If you a professional working with a young carer and would like more information, please call us on (0191) 249 6480. To refer a young carer click here.

Parents Information Booklet – click to download

Young People’s Information Booklet – click to download