Domestic Abuse

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse takes many forms. If you are being controlled, threatened or physically assaulted by someone you live with (or used to live with) that is domestic abuse.

It is not always easy to talk about domestic abuse or to know what you want to happen. You may feel frightened, ashamed, confused and guilty.

All of that is understandable. It can happen to anyone and any kind of relationship. But you have a right to live free from fear and are not to blame for someone else’s violence and abuse.


North Tyneside has a well established Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) process.

Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference’s (MARAC) are recognised nationally as best practice for addressing cases of domestic abuse that are categorised as high risk. A MARAC allows agencies to identify the high risk domestic abuse cases and for the identified risk to be managed through a multi-agency forum.

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Operation Encompass

Operation Encompass has been launched in North Tyneside to safeguard and support children and young people who have been involved in a domestic abuse incident.

North Tyneside Council and Northumbria Police are working with all schools in North Tyneside to make sure that school staff are made aware of an incident early enough to support children and young people.

Schools across North Tyneside will nominate two members of staff who will be known as Key Adults and receive specific training. For more information, please visit or contact your local school.

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