The impact of neglect on children and young people is enormous. Neglect causes great distress to children, leading to poor health, educational and social outcomes and is potentially fatal. Children’s abilities to make secure attachments are affected and their ability to attend and attain at school is reduced. Their emotional health and well-being is often compromised and this impacts on their success in adulthood and their ability to parent in the future. Neglect is a feature in a significant number of child protection plan (CPP) cases and the neglect category accounts for the largest number of plans both in North Tyneside and nationally.

In North Tyneside key partners have worked together to develop a Neglect Strategy. The strategy sets out how in North Tyneside we understand neglect and how this can be recognized alongside what this means for people and organisations in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities to protect children and young people . NTSCP will make sure that neglect is widely and consistently recognised and acted upon in an appropriate and timely way.

Please click here to download a copy of the Neglect Strategy

Please click here to download a copy of the Neglect Guidance