Welcome to the North Tyneside multi-agency safeguarding arrangements for children and young people.

North Tyneside has had a strong and effective Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) for a number of years.  In developing our Multi-Agency Safeguarding Arrangements (MASA), we have started from a position of strength and have sought to build on this.  Whilst we believe our MASA plan is innovative and will deliver a step-change in our partnership arrangements, we are mindful to ensure there is a degree of continuity in the way we work together.

We will continue to lead and promote an inclusive approach, as we know that effective safeguarding relies on everyone playing their part, within a shared approach and common understanding of how things work, what’s expected of them and what they can expect from others.  We will continue to respect and support the different roles people play, whilst recognising that these continue to change, as we develop more effective early help and different ways of responding to need and risk.

Our new arrangements which came into place from September 2019 place a greater focus on the credibility of scrutiny and learning to inform and challenge partnership practice.  We remain committed to supporting a culture and practice that listens to and acts proportionally, collectively and with accountability, to what children and young people tell us either directly or through their actions.  We are equally committed to listening to front-line staff, and bringing our arrangements closer to the front-line, so that we are learning from those who know best what the challenges are and what works.

To find out more about how the MASA will work and what we will do to ensure the welfare and safeguard the children and young people in North Tyneside and to read our plan which was published on 24th June 2019  click here

As part of the new arrangements across the North and South of our region a regional Safeguarding Partnership has been set up comprising of the 12 statutory safeguarding partnerships.  It is these partners who will provide leadership for the joint working arrangements across this geographical area known as the Tyne, Wear and Northumberland Safeguarding Partnership.  To read more about this partnership click here