Child Sexual Exploitation

Sexual exploitation can be hard to recognise because you often believe you’re in a good relationship with the person, or people, who want to abuse your trust in them.

It could be a friend, or group of friends. It could be someone you think of as a boyfriend or girlfriend. It could be a person or a new group of people you’ve just got to know. It could be someone you’ve talked to online.

But whoever it is they could use clever ways to take advantage of the relationship, for example, someone might give you money, drugs, alcohol, gifts or somewhere to stay and then force you to do one or more of these things in return:

  • Have sex with them
  • Do something sexual to them
  • Be touched inappropriately, in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable
  • Look at sexual images – including films and pictures

Sexual exploitation can happen to anyone, no matter what your gender, age or background so you need to be careful who you trust.

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