Director of Public Health, Wendy Burke is pleased to announce the publication of her third annual report which focuses on the health and well-being of the children who live in North Tyneside.

Infants, children and young people represent over a quarter of the population of North Tyneside and getting things right in the early years of life can last a life time.  It is well known that so much depends on the circumstances that frame the start of a child’s life, their life chances are greatly influenced by the family and community situation into which they are born.

The majority of the children and young people in North Tyneside lead happy and healthy lives, but children who live in some parts of the borough have much poorer health outcomes.  In addition, the impact of modern life means that there are new challenges; in particular the negative impact of social media, obesity and the concerns around mental health in young people.

in her introduction to the report  Wendy stated “What is clear is that no single profession or organisation can single-handedly ensure the best outcomes for our children, young people and families.  She continued ” Coordinated action is needed to ensure that young people are capable of meeting the changing requirements of life and primed to succeed.  Health and well-being plays a powerful role in allowing children and young people to achieve their potential, and personal achievement helps to improve health.”

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Some key facts about children and young people in North Tyneside :

13% have a long term illness , disability or medical condition

14% of pupils have a special educational need

91% go on to , or remain in, education or employment

39% go onto higher education

392 are known carers

296 are looked after children

20% live in poverty