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Serious Case Review Jasmine – published 12th April 2021

Today North Tyneside Safeguarding Children Partnership is publishing a Serious Case Review (SCR) in relation to Jasmine. Against a significant background history of inter familial abuse within the extended family, Jasmine was sexually abused by a family member over a period of time. The SCR was commissioned in July 2019 by North Tyneside Safeguarding Board (NTSCB) in line with statutory guidance at that time.

The purpose of a SCR is to undertake a rigorous analysis of the contact Jasmine and her family had with services to try and understand what happened and why. The organisations responsible for services can then identify any lessons to be learnt which could be used to improve services and reduce any future risk of harm to children and young people.

The report, carried out by an independent reviewer, concludes that child sexual abuse in the family environment is a complex area and presents significant challenges for professionals who have a responsibility to prevent abuse happening and to protect children where the risk of sexual abuse is known or suspected. Our learning identifies the need to understand why children may retract statements of sexual abuse and how they can be best supported when they do so, whilst remaining vigilant in relation to their safety.

From September 2019, the new Multi-Agency Safeguarding Arrangements, came into operation and are known as the North Tyneside Safeguarding Children Partnership. These new arrangements have replaced the role of the Local Safeguarding Children Board. The Safeguarding Partners are resolved to act on the learning and a detailed action plan is in place which identifies achievable and measurable actions to act on the learning identified in the Review.

You can access a copy of the SCR report here

We have produced a 7-minute briefing note on this case.  You can access the note here 

We have also produced a briefing note on Supervision Orders. You can access the note here

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